Why Franchise With Us?

Why Franchise With Us?

Our Town America is a Proven Brand!

Rated a Top 50 Franchise 2006-2015

Our franchisees are typically full-time in the business. We have found that our business, while allowing for family and life opportunities, does require a full-time commitment. Our franchisees do not need to maintain an inventory nor do they need a production facility. All production is performed at our corporate headquarters located in Pinellas Park, Florida. Our franchisees can easily work from a home office or wherever they like!

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We have been in business for over 40 years making us one of the most established companies in our industry.
  • Our filtration process is unmatched which allows us to provide the highest quality lists.
  • We focus on all new movers, not just new homeowners.
  • We send out welcoming certificates that make new movers feel more at home as opposed to standard coupons.
  • We do automatic follow up mailings and have a exclusive “Positive Postings” application that tracks positive feedback from new movers.
  • Even though we are a national direct mail marketing franchise we solely focus on local communities and welcoming new movers.
  • We have developed proprietary management software for franchisees so they can easily manage their franchise on-the-go from anywhere, along with full security and tracking features, mobile applications, social media and loyalty programs.
  • Our Town America is proud to be featured by USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Fox & Friends, Inc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur.

Our Process

  • Submit Franchise Application
  • Initial Discussion with Franchise Sales Representative
  • Submission of Necessary Documents Such as Financial Statements, Resumes, etc.
  • Our Town America Review & Operational Interview
  • Franchise Review Board Approval
  • Execution of Franchise Agreement
  • Full Week of Training Provided at Corporate Headquarters
  • We Prepare You For Success!


  • We do have a minimum franchise investment requirement.
  • There is also a recommended minimum in liquid assets.

Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

Why wait any longer? Our Town America may be the right choice for you. Contact Us about a franchise application today and begin a new chapter in your life where you are ultimately the only one in control of your life.

What Do Franchisees Do?

New Mover Marketing!

Franchisees first introduce local businesses in their area to our community new mover program. Our franchisees sell new mover marketing by Our Town America to local businesses. Once the business has enrolled in our welcome program, the franchisee continues to provide excellent service to them. As in any partnership (between franchises and their local business sponsors), it is essential to maintain a relationship with ongoing communication for a long-term future.

It is rare that a prospect calls us. Franchisees prospect, via phone and in person, to local businesses in their market. Our territories are manageable for a one-person sales organization, though some franchisees will wish to develop more areas and field a sales staff. We will work with you to see which is the right decision for you. Our corporate office now also has an appointment setting staff to further support our franchisees with their sales. Our team calls on local businesses and schedules appointments on behalf of the franchisee, if the franchisee has opted to use this service.

Once the sales are made, Our Town America Corporate handles the rest!

Recent News

    Who Is Our Town America?

    A Direct Mail Marketing Service & Community Welcoming Program.

    What Do We Do?

    We connect & create loyalty between local businesses & new movers.

    Why New Movers?

    New movers are actively seeking new, reliable “go-to” businesses in their area with whom they can establish long-term relationships. Our new mover marketing program reaches the new residents before they’ve developed loyalty to other local business owners.

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