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New Mover Marketing Solutions

Find New Customers in 3 Easy Steps

1. Find New Movers

We have a proprietary system that we have developed over the years to pinpoint the most accurate new mover listings in the country.

2. Mail Welcome Gift

We’ve created a package that’s personalized, well designed and equipped with the psychological triggers that compel movers to look inside!

3. Get New Customers

It’s clear to the movers that an extraordinary step has been taken to communicate hospitality and sincerity and you will have gained a new loyal customer.

Features & Benefits of New Mover Marketing

  • Reach a New Set of New Movers Every Month
  • Exclusive, Zip Code Driven, Proprietary
  • Monitoring, Tracking & Secure
  • Mobile Tracking & Compatibility
  • Intuitive Marketing Program
  • Social Networking Engagement

Interested in a Visual Presentation?


Check Out Our 14 Part Video Series! WATCH NOW!


We have put together a fourteen part video series that goes through each aspect of our new mover marketing program here at Our Town America. It visually explains all of the features and benefits of our welcome program in short intervals that only takes a few minutes. If you are interested in our program and want to save some time, check it out! You can click through each part individually or watch them in consecutive order, whatever your time schedule affords.

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Begin gaining new movers as new customers as soon as we send out our new mover welcome package mailing.

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    Who Is Our Town America?

    A Direct Mail Marketing Service & Community Welcoming Program.

    What Do We Do?

    We connect & create loyalty between local businesses & new movers.

    Why New Movers?

    New movers are actively seeking new, reliable “go-to” businesses in their area with whom they can establish long-term relationships. Our new mover marketing program reaches the new residents before they’ve developed loyalty to other local business owners.

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