New Mover Lists & Welcome Package

New Movers Lists and Welcome Packet Wilmington, Cary and Raleigh, North Carolina

New Mover Lists & Welcome Package


The Best New Mover List In The Industry

How Do We Find the New Movers in the Neighborhood?


Each month begins with an empty name file. New mover intelligence is provided by nationally recognized suppliers that identify individuals who have filed some forms of address change during the past 30 days, resulting in our receipt of millions of names of new movers. While this data most often signifies a recent move, there are exceptions. This information is processed through our proprietary system as a means of identifying and eliminating potential errors with the new effect of our discarding as much as 60% of them as not being new movers. Sources of this information vary by community, to some extent, but examples of the sources are:

Deed Transactions, Credit Cards, Utility Connections, Credit Bureaus, Magazines, Driver’s Licenses, Voter Registrations


Addresses are standardized for postal validation.

Address Duplication

We do not mail to the same address for 6 months.

Duplication Elimination

The typical mover communicates to 9 sources of his or her address change. Duplicates are eliminated.

Name/Address Comparison

We compare every name to our historical database of 350 million households. We will not mail to the same name and address forever!

Final Post Verification is From the Postal Service Itself!



Our Town America Discards as Many as 60% of Names Because They Don’t Meet Our Specific Criteria

One of the most significant determinants of your campaign’s success is the quality of your mailing list. This is why targeted mailing lists, such as our new mover lists, are so valuable — they increase your probability of success.

List Sources: Every month we analyze the best available sources. No one source provides perfect information, so we purchase from several.

New Mover Welcome Package

The enticing Our Town America welcome package is personalized, well designed and equipped with the psychological triggers that compel the consumer to look inside. Once the package is opened, the searching audience will find special gift certificates with proven offers and a helpful community magnet from local business sponsors just like yours. It’s clear to the consumer that an extraordinary step has been taken to communicate hospitality and sincerity.

Psychological Triggers

  • Prompt Opening
  • Personally Addressed
  • Warm Colors, Texture & Graphics
  • Large 6″ X 9″ Size Stands Out


Inside the New Mover Welcome Package

  • Warm Welcome Letter – Provides a Brief Explanation as to Why They Have Received These Gifts. Puts Focus on the New Mover and Their Individual Needs.
  • New Mover Survey – Provides Valuable Feedback
  • Genuine Gift Certificates – Proven Offers From Local Business Sponsors
  • Community Magnet – Available Upon Request


Our Gift Certificate Format Invites These Searching Families To Visit Your Business.

New Movers Features and Benefits Wilmington, Cary and Raleigh, North Carolina

Features & Benefits

  • Generous Offers – No Strings Attached
  • Custom Designed for Your Business
  • Convenient & Practical Map
  • Large 5.5″ x 8.5″ Format
  • Projects Professional Image
  • Authenticates & Conveys Value
  • Simple & Clean
  • Redeemable with Expiration
  • “Authorized by:” Signature
  • Rich Parchment Paper Using Gold Metallic Ink
  • Creates Urgency
  • Ensures Trackability

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Begin gaining new movers as new customers as soon as we send out our new mover welcome package mailing.


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    Who Is Our Town America?

    A Direct Mail Marketing Service & Community Welcoming Program.

    What Do We Do?

    We connect & create loyalty between local businesses & new movers.

    Why New Movers?

    New movers are actively seeking new, reliable “go-to” businesses in their area with whom they can establish long-term relationships. Our new mover marketing program reaches the new residents before they’ve developed loyalty to other local business owners.

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