Cozzette Accounting Company

Project Description

Dear Our Town America,

Our firm, Cozzette Accounting Co., became a sponsor in the Our Town America Welcome program in 2010. We like being part of the goodwill community service image that people feel when it arrives in their mailbox.

These new neighbors have to file taxes every year, and Cozzette Accounting would like to be their tax preparer. I like that I am included with well known reputable local businesses, offering an invitation to their business. We offer a 15% discount on new client accounts. We have had a positive response over the last years. Some clients also have small businesses that need our services.

We have found a lot of our customers held on to these certificates for awhile, and then use them at tax time. So it is not an instant return, but once they use us, they use us every year forward, AND they tell family & friends (A Bonus!) We are happy to be growing our business with Our Town America!


David Cozzette

Cozzette Accounting Co.

7365 Merchant Court, Unit 6 | Sarasota, FL 34240