Carriage Cleaners

Project Description

To Whom it May Concern:

Carriage Cleaners has been in business since 1981, and owned by me since 1989. Our company is probably best known for its attention to detail, especially in wedding gown cleaning and pressing. Sometimes the unthinkable happens and your wedding dress gets wrinkled or even worse, a stain during the alterations process…. well we are the experts and you will be able to rest easy knowing it is in our capable hands!” We are a Mom and Pop, so decisions can be made immediately, problems resolved, and I am available to my customers 6 days a week. Issues happen, but we have the ability to make it right fast.

Our Town America has played a very important part in the success of Carriage Cleaners. They target a potential customer before they have had a chance to find all of the services they are going to use in their new neighborhood. By offering them an incentive to walk through our door first, I have an opportunity to WOW them. On average we redeem 6 certificates a month. We only mail 2 small zip codes at the present time. Considering the number of certificates that go out every month, those are remarkable numbers, percentage-wise, far exceeding any other mailing that I do.

I love that the people at Our Town are always striving to improve their service — And I cannot lie; I really love their results!

Give Our Town America a try, and send your Track Packs in. That gives you a second chance to get your company in front of that new customer. To elaborate, Our Town America sends a follow up postcard to customers who have brought in the initial Gift Certificate. As in our case, the follow up offer is smaller, but we get about half of them back!

Our Town America is a great way to target that NEW person to the area, and make it YOUR company that they use daily, weekly, monthly. Let Our Town America help you grow your business!


Carriage Cleaners – Seminole, Florida

5675 Seminole Blvd., Seminole, FL