The East Lake Cafe

Project Description

To Whom it May Concern,

Our café has been serving “Food Channel” quality breakfast (all day), and lunch for over ten years. We also have an extensive catering menu and have just started “Online Ordering.”

We have been partnering with Our Town America since November 2003 to capture new customers that are assimilating to their new surroundings. Our professional, courteous staff knows that great first impressions are important. Every month Our Town America provides us with the opportunity to reach a whole new venue of customers that never had the pleasure of frequenting our business … because they “just moved in.” Our response is great; the mailings generate approximately 15-20 redeemed certificates a month, with the summer months much higher, because people tend to relocate their families before school starts.

The East Lake Café offers quality products such as Boar’s Head brand meats and cheeses along with a staff that believes in great customer service and satisfaction. Businesses should not only follow our philosophy but also our marketing strategy with Our Town America. Why not be the first in your category to welcome your “new neighbors” in and give them the best you can offer!!


The East Lake Café

3430 East Lake Rd. Palm Harbor, FL 34685