Health Ridge Pharmacy

Project Description

Our Town America,

HealthRidge Pharmacy has been in business for 19 years. We are known for our ‘Cheers’ atmosphere that our friendly staff creates! All of our patients are our friends and all of our friends are our patients! We pride ourselves on being the best pharmacy in town!

We have been mailing with Our Town America for 8 great years now. We love how it enables us to personally identify our new neighbors! Our Town America always provides a reliable way to invite a steady stream of new folks in to try our caring, personalized service.

We average 8-10 certificates a month, which is fantastic! Another benefit to working with Our Town America is that they provide us with detailed tracking information so that we can identify who responded to our initial mailing and then send them another great deal in the form of the Loyalty Mailer. It truly makes the new mover feel special!

Our advice to a new Sponsor would be to give a gift that you believe in and promote it. Our Town America is the best investment you will make to gain new customers!


Health Ridge Pharmacy

3130 U.S. Hwy. 70, Black Mountain, NC 28711