Children’s Orchard

Project Description

To Whom it May Concern:

Children’s Orchard is America’s finest resale/retail boutique, featuring brand name, top quality, gently used and new clothing, furniture, equipment & accessories. What sets up apart from the competition is our focus on setting the highest standards for quality, customer service and value.

We have been partnering with Our Town America to reach out and welcome new movers since 2008.

What we like best about working with Our Town America is their attention to detail and simply the ease of working with them. We receive anywhere from 15-20 Gift Certificates per month, which is great!

Our advice to anyone considering the program would be to give it a try. And make sure that you update and refine your offer based on response. That’s what we do and it has worked for us quite well!


Children’s Orchard – Olathe, KS

11933 S. Strang Line Road, Olathe, KS